Tree Fall on Your House?

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Tree Fall on Your House?
Ouch! This is not a pleasant way to be woken up!

The snow was particularly wet and heavy this last snowstorm. A mix of rain, snow and wind, with the temperature dropping fast is never a good forecast if your a tree. Or if your a homeowner with a hazardous tree too close to your house.

I was wondering when the first call was going to come in. Usually in weather like this trees start failing. Who knows exactly why a tree decides to give up the fight or not, but I’ve seen  some trees that should have fallen years ago hold on tight and some that seem to be in the prime of life just blow over with the slightest gale.

Ahh, but there are some things you can look for to give you a clue to the stability of the trees in your yard. Hazardous trees can usually be detected if you know what your looking for.

But back to the fallen tree job. When we got to the site, the snow was still falling pretty hard, but after looking the scene over and discussing our work plan, we decided that the job could be done safely. Marty, the fellow who called us, was happy to hear that, as you can imagine. (Who wants a tree laying on their roof through a snow storm?!)

I’m happy to let you know that the tree removal went very well, and according to plan. And at the end of the day, sipping on a hot cup of Yerba Maté tea and warming our feet up by the fireplace, we were all pretty satisfied knowing that we could help out our client in his time of need.

Still snowing when we showed up

We started in on cutting the tree back from the house.
And then we climbed up to remove the rest of the tree.
The grapple chipper came in real handy cleaning up the remains of the downed Maple tree
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