How Are Your Trees Doing this Winter?

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How Are Your Trees Doing this Winter?

Hazardous trees pose a danger to both people and property. When storms and high winds hit, limbs (and often the entire tree) fall to the ground. We’ve seen much of this in the last few weeks after the weather we’ve had. We have had many calls for removing trees of of houses, fences, driveway, etc.

“Many fatal accidents and millions of dollars in property damage can be averted if homeowners heed the warning signs of a hazardous tree” explains Tchukki Andersen, staff-arborist for the Tree Care Industry Association. “By not paying attention to your trees, you are placing you property, and even your life, in potential jeopardy.”
Fortunately, tree defects offer us clues. One can often read the clues that indicate that a tree is prone to failure.
This tree should be removed
Any tree that has noticeable defects such as this should obviously be removed
Advanced decay could be a reason to cut this tree down
Any signs of advanced decay such as this should be seriously inspected. this tree could fail under the wrong forces.
Cutting this tree migh become neccesary
If you see colonies of mushrooms growing around the base of your tree, this is a sign of root rot happening under the ground.
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